December 19, 2022 : 2 Min

Cyber Security – Is My Data Safe?

“Is my data safe in the cloud?”

This is a question we get all the time when talking to businesses about cloud-based solutions for their data storage problems. The answer is complicated, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by certain details when it comes to cloud-based data storage. Not everyone likes the idea of their data being stored on massive servers all across the world, potentially subjected to different laws. And rightfully so—it sounds scary. So, is cloud-based data storage right for you? Well, like many things in our world, the answer is complex, and that’s why we like to ask a few questions before we introduce apps into our own toolkit. Where is the data hosted? Do they host their data or utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure? What security standards do they follow? Do they have any listed data breaches?


Ultimately, when working with reputable companies, your data is safe in the cloud. In fact, many experts suggest cloud storage is safer than storing data on a hard drive because you’re less vulnerable to traditional methods of exploitation, attacks, and viruses. Do you have some financial data, revolutionary new technology, information, or groundbreaking research statistics that, if stolen or misplaced, could lead to the undoing of your company? If so, how often are you keeping up with the latest security trends, anti-virus patches, windows updates, and testing your employees password practices? When you’re considering cloud storage, remember that you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Reputable cloud-based storage companies, who view security as a top priority, build applications that rely on cloud-based storage. They trust their own tools. Part of their success in the marketplace is because of how secure their apps, tools, and platforms are, which is why hacking into one of their servers is incredibly difficult and time-consuming. If these companies, Intuit, National Bank of Canada, Capital One, trust storing their own highly confidential, cutting-edge data on the cloud— with some review of the service provider you’re evaluating you can too.

Why Cloud-Based Storage is the Future.


Convenience is king. When you look into the benefits of cloud-based solutions, it’s easy to see why many experts are projecting a huge uptick in industry-wide adoption of cloud-based data storage. Software provided through the cloud is becoming increasingly reliable, scaling faster, and becoming more adaptable to the needs of customers. Storing your data on the cloud also allows for cloud connectivity, which means you can say goodbye to long nights at the office trying to combine spreadsheets from different sources. These repetitive aspects of accounting (and of many fields) will become more easily automated. You can also stop worrying about what the next financial report is going to say. When your data is consolidated on the cloud you can implement data visualization tools, like PowerBi, to give you immediate and accurate business analytics wherever you are. No more waiting around for financial reports. If you have internet access, you’ll know exactly where your company is at financially.


At The Corner Office we’re constantly on the lookout for new tools and technologies that work together to streamline our own processes as well as those of our clients. The future of automated tools and technologies will increasingly rely on all the advantages that cloud computing can provide.