digital adoption

The Corner office is proud to be one of only a few Saskatchewan advisors the new Canadian Digital Adoption Program. We are excited to help entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of how to use technology to grow your business, manage your operations, and be more efficient.​

We will combine innovation and inspiration to provide you with a digital adoption plan designed to be your road map to help you respond the changing environments and optimize your business processes. The plan is customized to meet your business needs and your strategic plans.​​


digital adoption ideas

Some examples of solution recommendations your business might benefit from could include:

  • Create an e-commerce strategy

  • Automate your accounting operations using cloud-based technologies

  • Create mobile dashboards and analytics to provide actionable insights into your organization

  • Implement an ERP system

  • Optimize cash flow through mobile customer invoicing and collection technology

  •  Connect / integrate various systems to talk to each other

  •  Digitize areas of your business where paper or Excel are still used to manage processes

  •  Automate ordering, invoicing, contract and supply chain management, etc.

  •  Creation of a digital inventory management system

  •  Automate standard operating procedures​​

…and more…the possibilities are as diverse as you and your business


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