Although we are constantly working towards providing a seamless service, there are certain limitations imposed by Intuit in terms of exporting, importing and automation of tasks. All Intuit third party apps and partners face are restricted by the limitations.

Quickbooks Online Limitations

The Quickbooks Online API is under continuous development to provide additional functionality.

At this time due to lack of API availability; we cannot provide integration or reporting services for the following types of data. This list is true for all third party apps and partners.

  • Payroll 

  • Banking Feeds, Bank Rules

  • Customer Types

  • Price Rules

  • Delayed Charges and Delayed Credits

  • Recurring Transactions

  • Account-based billable expenses

  • Item-based billable expenses with markups

  • Custom Reports and Custom Forms

  • Audit Log Entries

  • Inventory Adjustments


Quickbooks DESKTOP Limitations

Quickbooks Premier starts to have issues around 400 mb and Enterprise at 1 GB, with critical and integrity errors appearing at 500mb and 1.5gb respectively   Other than size, individual subjects in Quickbooks have their own limitations that can cause problems even before the file size becomes a problem

Maximum number of list entries (list limits and custom fields):